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                                                 Where They Play!
Play   Play

                        Aramis & Grimie                                                                                                                                       Aramis & Grimie

Play          Play.dJPG
                                        Grimie & Aramis                                                                                                        Aramis & Grimie

Play         Play                                                                  
                   Grimie & Aramis                                                                                                      Grimie & Aramis

Play.g.     Play.h.
                             Aramis & Tessa                                                                                                                         Aramis & Tessa

Play.i                Play.j 
                             Tessa & Aramis                                                                                                                              Tessa & Aramis


                       Grimie & Tessa & Aramis

                                     Bouquet                                                                                                                                              Kylie

Play3   Play4
                           Gael & Kylie                                                                                                                                                        Kylie

Play5             Play6
                                  Gael & Bouquet                                                                                                            Gael & Bouquet & Kylie

Play7        Play8
                              Gael & Bouquet & Kylie                                                                                                      Gael & Bouquet & Kylie




                                  Gael & Bouquet & Kylie                                                                                                                  Gael & Aramis

PlayElitter2.Gael                  PlayElitter3.Gael
              E Litter Playing with their Father Gael                                                                       E Litter playing with their Father Gael

PlayElitter4.Gael                           PlayELitter5.JGaelPG
       E Litter Playing with their Father Gael                                                                                   Dale Playing with Elise & Gael

PlayGael1                      PlayGael2
                                                  Gael                                                                                                                          Gael

PlayGael3                                  PlayGael4



PlayGael7            PlayGael8

PlayGael9                                            PlayGael10
Ginger12wk.Ethan1year.1                Ginger12wk.Ethan1year.6

                  Ginger 12wk and Ethan 1year

  Oh Mom I'm not that Dirty!!!


Baila is 2 years, All she wanted was a New Purse!!!! She is such a Sweet Girl!!!


" Ginger Let me lead, I know how to do this Dance!"      "No,  I want to lead"       "See if you would just listen to me we can Dance really Good!                                                                  
                                                                   (Next stop Dancing With The Stars!!!!!!)

                                                                                                  Puppies Playing

                                                  Where They Sleep!

Bedtime1  Bedtime3

       Grimie & Gael on the bottom bunk and Kylie on the top Bunk                      Grimie & Kylie on the bottom bunk and Gael on the floor

        Kylie Grime and Aramis on the bottom bunk and Byron on the top bunk and Amanda on the floor                            Aramis

                                                  Puppy Secrets!

secret3years          secretBouquet27wkAramis6year5mo
                    Aramis & Tessa                                                                                                              Aramis & Bouquet

                     Aramis                                                          Baila                                     Aramis                                                               Baila                         
  Where did you say you come from?                 Poland!                  I Don't believe you!               Really Really!! It's True!

                         Aramis                                                                                              Kylie                                                                                        Byron                         
             You can't see me!                                                      I see you!                                                     Say What?

           No one can find me behind this chair!!


Kiss            KissAramisAmanda
                          Byron & Tessa & Grimie                                                                                                        Amanda & her Dad Aramis


                                                 Where they Train!
Train23wkRexKylieByronAramis1      Train23wkRexKylieByronAramis2
                      Rex & Kylie & Byron & Aramis                                                              Rex & Kylie & Byron & Aramis


                                 Kylie & Byron & Aramis

   TrainGael18wk   TrainGael21:2years     

                                                  Life is Good!


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