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FFRedBoyWe have had nothing but good experiences with the Roberson’s! Kimberly has been very helpful and friendly ever since
our first visit and answered all of our questions (we had a lot)! Kimberly is extremely informative and very organized.
When we picked up our pup to take him home she gave us an entire folder full of information pertaining to Tervs specifically
and a whole list of shots and things we need to do within the first year which makes it very easy to follow and check off.
We’ve had our pup for 2 months now and We couldn’t be happier! He’s an amazing companion and worth every cent.
He loves people, kids and dogs. My wife and I love him dearly and can’t wait to experience life with our new addition.
I would recommend Kimberly to anyone looking for an amazing show quality Terv! Everywhere we go we get
compliments on how amazing he looks!

FF Red Boy


GGBlueBoy12wkMy wife and I recently purchased our second puppy from Roberson Belgians. We bought our first two years ago and
love her so much, we had to get another!
Both puppies have made it to us in great health! Our experience with Kim and her kennel has been nothing but exceptional.
She has provided excellent support to questions and concerns we had leading up to, and after receiving both of our puppies.
They learn so quickly, and make some of the best canine companions available.
The dogs came extremely well socialized which made our transition from one dog to two very simple. I cannot speak highly enough,
or more strongly recommend Kimberly of Roberson Belgians.

(Y litter Yellow Girl)



 See my litter brother?? I am waiting for him to grow up so he can
 fly out here to live with me!!!

 (GG litter Blue Boy)


EEBoy.Red.Girl.Pink.8wk.It’s been less than one week and both are peeing and pooping on the paper pads.  Easiest potty training ever!!!!!!!! 
I’m amazed.  And thrilled! They are so smart. Just amazing.  I’ve been praising them every time I see them pee or
poop outside and on the papers and they love it!   They are settled in the house now too - very calm and comfortable
already. And they are now napping when I’m on the computer at my kitchen table, all curled up by my feet.  
I’m so grateful. They play hard and sleep through the night and I couldn’t be happier with my little babies.
I’ve got the safety fence around the pool fence, so no more fear of them squeezing through the pool fence. 

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  They are going to meet my 3 year old great-granddaughter tomorrow,
which is good. I’ll keep a close eye on them and they should have a lot of fun together with her and she with them. 
I want them to be comfortable around children as well as adults.   

Hope you enjoy a wonderful day tomorrow. 


     (EE Litter Red Boy and Pink Girl)


Hi Kimberly,

Thanks for the certificate!

I just want to tell you that my little "Shelby" is amazing!!  She has been the most wonderful addition and companion to my family. 
Both my kids adore her, she has such a bright and loving personality that I can't imagine my home without her.  We have been taking
the puppy classes and working on the training - and she's doing terrific.  Here are some recent photos of my furry Shelby.   
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Mark Nelson

                                                   DD Litter Orange Girl 3mo


My how time flies, I hope this email finds you and Dale doing very well.  Fall in in the air and the leaves are turning.  Zia has had her last shots and we have been taking her out out. 
She loves going out but does get a bit car sick , at times.  She is good with a lease and as young as she is very well socialized, alert of her surroundings and where her family is at all
times already.    The entire Vet off  just loves her and almost the entire staff will always come to visit Zia and say hi to her - of course she loves the attention!

I have below a testimony for you to use.  You do have our permission as use it as you wish.  If a grammatical error, you have our permission to make changes or corrections.  
I  didn't include any pictures as I know you have some of both Kona and Zia.

Testimony:  Our relationship with Kimberly started over two years ago in the search to find the perfect Belgium Tervuren (Terv) for my wife and me as we are active empty nesters.

We had a list of questions on the breed; on her as a breeder and as well as her puppies and foundation dogs.  The more information we received and investigated the more calls we

made to Kimberly.  Of all of the breeders, we spoke to, we found Kimberly to be the most passionate individual for her dogs and the Belgium Tervuren breed. She is a wealth of

knowledge and truly cares about the proper placement of her puppies.  After many calls with many questions, we purchased our first Terv from Kimberley.

Y Liter 2017 - Pink collar Ysabella Sierra Star Roberson (Kona).  Kimberley provided a detailed folder not only about the shots given, Kona’s pedigree, but about what to feed our

new family addition as well as information to provide to our pets veterinary doctor about the breed and our new family member.  Kimberley did follow up calls and emails and encouraged

us to call or email her anytime with any questions, concerns or needs.

Our puppy, for her age, was well socialized, is very smart and loving.  We cannot be any happier with the purchase of our puppy.  We would strongly recommend Kimberley if you are

looking to purchase a Terv.  In our opinion, SHE IS the best breeder to purchase a Terv from.  More so, that we drove down to pick up our second Terv and met with Kimberley and

her husband Dale.  D Litter - pink collar Destiny Rosa Roberson (Zia). The Roberson’s are truly wonderful honest people.  No surprises her dogs are all very well socialized, smart,

well cared for (and, again, the  Terv's are wonderful breed).  The facility is very clean and Kimberly is well organized.  Again, if you are truly interested in getting a Terv, we strongly

recommend Kimberly Roberson as the go to person.

All the best to you, Dale and the Fuzzy Kids,

Tony and Mary Battistella


YYellowGirl10wk.2From the first time we talked to Kim, she has been extremely helpful in the process of deciding on getting our
Terv, picking our puppy, and keeping her healthy along the way. We bought our little Yrsa which was in the
Y litter in 2017. She has been big and healthy from the day we first saw her, and not much has changed.
She has been such a welcome addition to our house and our family. She came so well socialized by her litter
mates and other Fuzzy Kids around. She has been so quick to learn and pick up on commands and behavior
we expect of her. We felt SO much comfort knowing that if we have questions, Kim is a phone call away with
decades of experience with these exceptional dogs. Kim is the very best at what she does, and getting a
Fuzzy kid is a decision we'll never regret.

Thank you for all you've done for us!

                 Y Yellow Girl 10wks


MicoBe forewarned: This may be the longest Testimonial in known history. It is so out of necessity.
I am a veterinarian and have lived with Tervuren for about 30 years. Some have been magnificent; one tragic, all wonderful
in their unique way, weaving themselves into the very fabric of our lives effortlessly, completely, and forever. They are not
"just dogs"; they are something different, in many ways much more than "just a dog". Anyone who has lived with these beautiful
 creatures and understands their extraordinary intelligence and depth of soul knows what I mean: As I'm writing this the newest
and completing addition to our pack, a charcoal, silver tipped nine week old addition is busying himself ripping the Velcro straps
off my shoes as I type this. This forces me to put them back in place so he can do it again. This is what I mean: Belgian Tervuren
are an exceptional breed. The ridiculously cute, the over the top cute part is just a bonus.
To give you the full picture of who and what Roberson Belgians are, and how exceptional they are within an even more exceptional
breed, and who the extraordinary woman responsible for bring them to us is, I first have to backtrack:
In my travels I have met a great many people in the Tervuren world; sadly, many, especially breeders, are too absorbed in their
own self-interests and ambitions to make buying a puppy an enjoyable, pleasant, fun, or in some cases, a possible experience;
almost all demand an ridiculously intricate and one-sided contracts which stipulate co-ownership, restrictions on breeding,
conditions of spaying and/or neutering, the right to "recall" your dog years later for breeding or showing, and so on.
(This last happened to one of our dogs years ago and it was disastrous.) One of my earliest experiences with breeders include
an incident where, in the midst of what I thought was a developing friendship, I was, suddenly and without any precursor, verbally attacked with a barrage of animosity so foul and vile that to this day has me puzzled. The dog, thankfully, was magnificent and lived to 16. The relationship ended quickly. Thankfully, the dog did not.
I attended vet school overseas and while there had arranged for the purchase of a puppy; the breeder, just prior to sending the puppy informed me that the pup
that had been intended for me, a girl, had been sold and that all she had left was a boy, something that would have been a problem since I already
had one male, and intact dogs are generally volatile when in proximity She expressed no concern or regard for her violating the terms of the agreement
 at the last minute; her response to my pointing this out was "So?" I'm not making this up. I've had one breeder sell me a puppy with birth defects they themselves inadvertently caused out of ignorance and a conviction that they were somehow qualified to practice medicine despite a complete lack of education; another breeder
sold me a puppy that was so sick that upon arrival it presented with "pipe stream diarrhea" (this is a really bad thing) and a curled lip; after two years of struggle
his health finally improved and he had one good year before succumbing to hemoangiosarcoma (HSA), a form of cancer which almost always affects senior dogs
 exclusively and with blitzkreig like speed and effect: He was gone within a month of detection. That same breeder's response to my news of his death was tell
me that she's "given me enough puppies", implying his death was somehow my fault. I always thought that this was a classy touch to the sale and death of a
puppy that had been ill upon arrival and for two- thirds of its life.
Most recently (before I met Kimberly) another breeder, after having me complete a rather extensive and exhaustive five page validation process which required
three people I knew, one of them another veterinarian, to write letters of reference, emailed me a mere four days later to say
'WE WILL NEVER EVER SELL OR LET YOU ADOPOT A DOG, EVER!" without any explanation whatsoever.
 They also knew that the three year old dog I'd lost to HSA had died just four days before. Not exactly friendly nor what I like to call "compassionate". I have no
explanation for this terminal outburst of scathing hostility. In short, dealing with other breeders has, for me, been a consistently anxiety-producing, heart-breaking,
and generally oppositional and frustratingly negative experience. This repeatedly nightmarish outcome is apparently to be expected from among a certain class of
people. My Terv world, isolated as it is, changed dramatically and for the better when I met Kimberly Roberson: She has given us not only three wonderful Tervs
that have graced and blessed our lives, but she has become, from what started as a friendship, a member of my family. The reason for this as well as the reason
for the quality of her dogs, is simple: She truly cares, on the deepest level, more about the owner's and the dog's happiness and how they will enrich each other's
lives than she does anything else. This is one of her main motivations for breeding, and it is utterly selfless, beautiful, and rare.
We have one senior Terv from elsewhere, Tuli, and three Roberson Belgians: Two are sisters, Kiki and Bayla, and they arrived in the middle of winter to help with
the devastating void that my wife, Tuli and I felt after the sudden passing of our HSA three year old boy. Kiki and Bayla fulfilled that particular mission and, not unexpectedly, went beyond: "The girls", as we call them, have been a delight ever days for the last three years we have lived with them. Bayla, who has always
been thick-coated with abundant semi-curly hair and a "zipper" (which isadorable) has always been shy, a bit bashful, clever, patient, and has also always been
the first to investigate anything unusual or to let the menace knocking on the door that her bark resembles more that of a cannon blast than a bark. A more
loving dog with soulful eyes would be tough to find. When the puppy arrived she spent every moment outside guarding it and she watches his every move
indoors. Her instincts are superb, as is her conformation, temperament, intelligence, eyes, and so on. She's a strong, thick, beautifully coated girl who, when
all is said and done, is a highly sensitive love sponge. Her sister, Kiki, is sleek, wiry, elegant, and utterly driven to work and to do anything that involves attention
or something involving puzzle solving. She has a wry wit, will resort to mischievous tactics to get your attention (stolen socks and footwear are common), and
learns how to do something within about five minutes. She's clever, bright, sleek, fast, and beautiful. She's task driven, and if you drop it, she'll pick it up and
hand it to you. She's the puppy's constant playmate, enthusiastic, energetic, fast, but always completely in control, her movements precise so as to not hurt
the puppy. Her instincts, too, are just absolutely superb. She's the first to listen and perform a command and eager to please and to be loved -- furiously.
My wife and I have been blessed deeply and profoundly by these girls.
ZLtGreenBoy7wkOur latest addition to the pack is Ozzy, aka "Light Green Boy of Z Litter". As I write this he's nearly ten weeks old and has been the
completing and keystone member of the previously all-girl pack we had hoped he'd be. As with all things Terv, one's expectations
are usually quickly exceeded. This is no exception to that particular rule. Many of things I'm about to divulge, quite frankly, I myself
would not have believed unless I had actually seen them: Within one day's arrival, Ozzy was responding to his name; within two
day's arrival he was coming -- consistently -- when called. When the girls become too exuberant with him -- which happens less and
less -- he copes with it by simply sitting down calmly. He improvises his own games which involve consistently repeated steps, such
as running from one bed or throw rug to another, playing with the toys on each, and scampering off to the next toy station to repeat in acompletely consistent pattern.
His personality is more developed than I would expect a puppy of his age to show, but it's there: Bold, calm, focused, attentive, playful,
 inquisitive. His intelligence at this point in his development is again not at a level I would expect in a pup of his age. (Having worked
a plethora of both clinics and shelters I have a lot of basis for comparison.) I would never believe, for example, that telling a nine week
old puppy "no" one would be enough, but apparently in Ozzy's case it is. I have never, in my entire professional and personal life, seen
such a wonderfully balanced, healthy, well-built, packed so full of brains it's scary, puppy, but clearly it's never too late to wind up with
a miracle in one's life. We're proof of that.
                                     Mico Nelson, DVM Maine May 14, 2017


To anyone considering getting a Belgian puppy.
I would like to recommend Kimberly and her kennel. My wife and I had a very positive experience we are out of state
buyers, Kimberly went out of her way to make all arrangements for us to travel on an airline. We showed the airline
the document provided and we were allowed to board without delay. Kimberly continues to be a big part of our puppy's
life with frequent follow up calls and emails inquiring about the puppy's health and welfare . I searched for the right
breeder for over 2 years.
In my opinion their is know one better.

Tom and Judy Gray (Pocket our pup )

U Ltter (LtPurple Girl)


Hi Kimberley,

I'm happy to provide a testimonial for you and your kennel.

I have had Belgians for over 20 years. When I lost my last girl I wanted to find the best puppy I could. I wanted
a potential champion with all the best characteristics of the Tervuren Breed. I searched for over a year. I tried to
buy locally but they only wanted to sell puppies and had no interest in  what happened to them after they reached
their new homes.

Finally I found Roberson Belgians and I watched their website for a long time. I loved their breeding stock and the
way they communicated with the owners. Finally, I bought a beautiful female from them.  This began 8 weeks of the
most wonderful experience I have ever had with dogs. Kimberley and Dale provided me with insite about my puppy
I never would have gotten elsewhere. I had pictures of the first four days after birth, 2 pictures a week of my puppy
and pictures of the rest of the litter. Then  the best part, the videos of the litter every week as they grew, along with
the still pictures.  I grew to know my puppy, her personality, how she reacted with her siblings. It was wonderful and

I couldn’t wait for every week when I would get a video. I couldn’t wait to get me puppy, she was darling.

I have U Whisper in the Wind Roberson.  She came to me very well socialized and in perfect health. When I take her out,
everyone asks about her. She is a wonderful representative

Of the  Tervuren Breed. When I took her to obedience school I was lucky enough to have an instructor who was a U.PinkGirl2.5mo
Terv Judge and urged me to show her. She is perfect! At school she was renamed “Precious” because she learned
everything the first time.

Kimberley keeps in touch, Im never surprised to see an email from her telling me about a new dog food or a
new litter.And you can call her anytime, she will call you back!

They love the dogs they raise all of their lives and keep in touch to see how they are doing. I could not ask for
a better breeder!! Nor could you!!

Kimberly, you are welcome to put my name and email along with this testimonial. I would be pleased to tell people how pleased
I have been with this process and you of course!!

               U Litter (Pink Girl)



Baby Ray had a great day at the Belgian Tervuren Agility Show at Fairplex yesterday. He now has 2 legs in Novice Jumpers and 1 legin
Novice Std. Yesterday was his best day so far. We have been working very hard with Robert P Livell-I wish to Thank Robert so much!
There are just not enough words for the appreciation that I have for this man! Thank you. Also to my dear friend Dian Nipper-her
motto- Have fun!! The sky will not fall andthe earth will not die if you loose!! So have fun!! And we did ! BIG TIME!! Also THANK YOU to
The Belgian Tervuren Club!! You all were so very kind to us yesterday and thank you for the Goodie Bag!! Totally love it!! Most of all to
my beautiful male puppy- Rainier! You were great! Well-mannered and a perfect Gentleman the entire afternoon!! I love you Baby Ray!!!
Again thank you all so very much for the support and confidence you have given us in this new adventure!! Very Proud of Rainier and my
breeder Kimberly Roberson-you did good girl!! LOL ALL!! See you all ringside!!!!


R.LtPink1.      R.LtPink3.      R.LtPink2.

                                                            R Litter ( Lt Pink Girl)

Hi Kimberly
Everywhere we go people stop us to admire her- ask what breed she is & ask to pet her gorgeous coat. Kyra has perfect manners and  she wins everyone's
heart. I truly feel blessed to have her in my life- Thank you


PersephoneQuinnHi Kimberly,

I just wanted to update you on Persephone Quinn - we call her 'Zuko', from your P litter.  I was looking at
your website today and saw that I had not sent in a photo of her. The one attached is of her on October 10, 2013.
 She would have been 5 months old.

Zuko is the most tender dog.  She is so loving, gentle, and I guess tender again is the word that describes her
best. She's playful, energetic, and she smiles.  She is so friendly with everyone!  She follows me everywhere I
go and even though my kids play with her all the time, especially my daughter who brushes her teeth every
night, she is fixated on me. We have friends through boy scouts who have two Tervs and their two dogs follow
her (the mom) above the others in her family, too.  If I go into my room and shut the door when she is downstairs
with the family, when I come out, she is often laying up against my door on the other side, waiting. 
We love her very much.    She is different from our last Tervuren in that she really likes to stand on her hind legs.
On walks, or when we are in the back yard and she is on leash, she will stand
 on her hind legs to look at someone coming in the far distance, or if she sees another dog, a bird, etc.  She stands to get a better view.  Her hind legs have gotten
so strong from doing this that even in the house if I have something in my hands she is curious about, she'll gracefully glide up on her hind legs and look. 
We laugh because she looks like a Kangaroo when she does that. She also does what we call the love lick.  She will come sit up very close to you, and then
gently start to lick your hand, arm, etc. but stops mid lick andjust looks at you, still with her tongue on you.  I guess that is why I say tender is the word that
describes her.  Hopefully this is not too much information or you think we are now all kooks.
 We just love her very much and she is a very happy dog.

Thank you for providing such a wonderful addition to our family.
Julie Glenn


Hi Kimberly and Dale,
Rylee and Olaf and I are looking forward to seeing you and all the Fuzzy Kids
on Sat Nov 8 at the Halloween puppy party. We feel so fortunate to have
Rylee in our lives. She is such a delight, so smart, funny and beautiful.
We take her on many outings, hikes on the trails, shopping at Home Depot,
Tractor Supply for chicken feed, and her puppy pediatrician. It seems as
 though she is the Belgian Tervuren Ambassador in our community.
Everywhere we go, people stop and ask us questions about her.
 Her breed is quite unique in this area. We have had young boys
(14ish?) jump off their bikes to pet Rylee. People are struck by her
beauty and her softness. We had one man pull over in his car, jump
out, run towards us asking what kind of dog is she and could he pet her.
Yikes, that was a bit scary! Think 'puppy napping'. We had a wonderful
conversation with a young man at Home Depot. He took Rylee's picture
 and took down your website information. He is looking for a dog for his family.
His wife is home and they have 2 young sons. She is well-mannered when we
dine out at our many outdoor cafes and is a star pupil at her puppy classes.
We laugh every day at her antics. She has upped our activity level
 (which is a good thing). We thank you every day for producing an
outstanding quality puppy. We would recommend Roberson Belgians with
the highest confidence. Thank you Kimberly and Dale. 
Best regards,
Nancy and Olaf Larson


" Thank you so much for our beautiful, clever, and fun puppy, Petrina Star (P Litter). 
We recently took her to Mammoth to hike with us, and she had a wonderful time exploring
the outdoors, swimming in the lake, and keeping guard over her flock (us) as we traversed
 the trails.  She is a pleasure and a joy and we are so grateful to have her as part of our family!

 Heather & Gabriel Stern"
See you soon!

P Litter (Yellow girl)


This weekend my brother came to visit and brought his two girls that are in the 3rd
and 4th grade.
Skyler has never been around kids so I was not sure what to expect.
Well he was great he played with them let them crawl all over him and he never
growled or made me at all nervous he was great what a wonderful temperament
They loved him!
Thanks so much for breeding such a wonderful dog!!!!

(P Litter Dk Blue Boy)

 So this is Nala, aka Nastasia Wayward Star Roberson. Got her when I got back from Afghanistan,
 and she has grown into an amazing companion. Thank you to Kimberly Roberson for the opportunity
 to have such an awesome canine as part of my family.

No, really, thank you. She is amazing, and absolutely part of the family. Incredibly smart, loyal, and
loving, and is wonderful with my three small children, and my other dog, Lazarus. I live out in the
country, so she goes out with me when I walk the property, stays by my side the whole time. She
tends to be skiddish around new people, and new experiences, for instance it took her some time to
get use to stairs without trying to jump over them completely, because they frightened her. It didn't
take long for her to get use to it, but she was initially hesitant. She learns quickly, and it has been a
joy to have her in my life.
  Brandon Reeves

(N Litter Gold Girl)


Phebe.Hi Kimberly,
Happy New Year! Your Q litter is looking great. I watched one of the videos of them
the other night. Phoebe joined me when one of the pups started talking, Phee was
very interested! In it the pups dial into some background noise, maybe a truck or
a plane.
So today we were playing fetch in the snow and a plane flew over (not common here).
Phee stopped and studied the noise; it was really cool I could see she was reminiscing
about her puppyhood at the Roberson's. She remembers her life there with you all, she
had a smile on her sweet snow covered face and was sending warm thoughts out to you!
Just wanted to share that and thank you again for trusting us with her!

All My Best,

(P Litter Green)


Kissmit.GCH CH KISSMIT LYNN ROBERSON, TDI, CGC, CD Female Belgian Tervuren
Owner: Jerri L. Lewis      Norco, California
Breeder: Kimberly Roberson   “Roberson Belgians”   Riverside, California- Breeder of Merit-From 1976
Check out the Roberson Web Site! See the infamous “ Aramis” foundation stud.
And the beautiful “Kylie”-foundation bitch.
These are the parents of GCH CH Kissmit Lynn Roberson. Also visit Kimberly’s many other pages.
Enjoy her beautiful dogs. And the links she has provided too many other sites available for Belgian shoppers.
My husband and I have lived in Norco for about 20 years. We have 2 horses left-my Black Arabian
Stallion “Shazada” and my husband’s big Quarter gelding “Sundance”.
During our years we have had several dogs, cats and the usual Norco pets. Over the past several years I have
been in the dog show circuit quite heavily. Both the conformation rings and the obedience rings.
Kissmit is my current dog in the conformation rings. She is a Belgain Tervuren. In Europe all of the Belgians
are shown in the same class and each type competes directly with each other.  In the US-AKC –has them as
stand-alone breeds. There are four types of Belgians: Malinois (Short coat), Tervuren (Long Coat),
Groenendael (Black long coat-aka: Belgian Sheepdog) and the Laekenois (Curley coat).
If you were to shave all of these dogs-their overall structure is very much alike. These dogs are highly intelligent
and extremely active. They are not for the family that just wants a back yard pet. They are workers and fun loving and need to express their energy. They
are extremely loyal and protective of their family members. They are a pack animal. They make excellent house dogs providing plenty of exercise is given each
day. Kissmit is an import. Meaning she is old European lines that can be traced back to some of the original Tervuren Kennels. For Kimberly and myself and what we
 want in dogs-We prefer the European imports. Kissmit has done wonders in the show ring. She has earned her Championship and her Grand championship in two
years. We have only entered her in local shows. So we have had little to no travel. She is the only Tervuren and the only dog (I believe) in Norco that has been
invited to the AKC Eukanuba National Championships in Orlando Florida in December 2013.
We were shocked when we realized that she had qualified. I had mis-counted the points-and did not realize it until I received the letter from AKC. Since then- well
it has been a great ride. Kissmit and I are going to Florida and my husband, Al, will stay behind and take care of the rest of her pack. Which consists of:
 JR-Jack Russell Terrier-12 yrs old and King of the House! He is my husband’s dog!!   Eddie-Yorkshire Terrier-2.8 pounds- 8 Yrs old with obedience titles a mile long!!
The only tiny working yorkie in ALL-Breed Obedience-he gives the big dogs a real run for their money!! Eddie’s titles consist of:
 RN, RA, RE, RAE, TDI, CGC, CD, CDX, Top Dog Team 2009, Reading Dog for Head Start program, and Therapy dog for Joe Ann’s Group house.
Einstein-22 yrs old African Grey-and noisy!  Then there is Kissmit- she has her Grand Championship, Championship, TDI, CGC, CD, Top Dog Team and
Top Dog winner for NABOC 2012. She has just started her obedience career and nose work. Our goals are to try out for the San Diego search and rescue team.
 Kissmit rounds out the pack at our house-they all love each other!  All of our dogs train with a local trainer Robert Livell-Unlimited Obedience here in Norco.
We also belong to NABOC (Norco ALL Breed Obedience Club)-this is a very active group here in Norco. We have annual- Show n Go’s-open to the public and held
at Pikes Peak and many more dog involved activities. You can visit us through our web-site or find out about us through unlimited obedience on
Roberts web-site-Unlimited Obedience .com. Or stop by his store on 6th street in downtown Norco-“The Store 4 Dogs”.
Kissmit will be representing the City at the Eukanuba National Championship- she is handled by Michelle Cassidy-owner of the famed M&M Groomers located in
Norco. She has been here over 16 years. She has groomed and handled some of the top dogs in the country. We are very lucky to have her in our lives. Kissmit is
also handled by Stephen Cabral. One of the top handlers in the country. I too have handled my girl. So that rounds out our team.
She be will be competing against the Top dogs in the world as well as the Top Handlers. She will be under a lot of pressure and we have already started preparing
for the December event. Kissmit knows she has a job to do. I will have no complaints as long as she gives a “Good Showing”. Winning is always nice but for me,
win lose or draw- I still love them all! And every time my dogs come out of that ring-they are still loved and praised! It just cannot be about winning all of the time!
We compete because we enjoy it. I have met so many people and made aware of so many types of dogs. I have taken so much away from these shows as far as
education of all of the different breeds. It is just amazing!
So from my heart to my beautiful girl “GCH CH KISSMIT LYNN ROBERSON, TDI, CGC, CD”-Good Luck! And most of all “GO BABY GO”.


Hi Kimberly.
I just wanted to send a note to you thanking you for Olexa. She is such a terrific girl! I feel so fortunate that
I found her when I did. I truly think she was meant to be mine! I will send u some pics & a video of her.
She loves the water here behind my house & has starting learning agility. I made an agility course here for her
this summer & she loves it. She is FULL of energy & loves playing. Luckily she also has plenty of dog "cousins" that
come over to play regularly. Her personality makes me laugh all the time which reminds me of my other dog that passed.
She will be 7 months old on Friday so I wanted to get some pics out.
Thank you again Kimberly for everything you did for me & for my beautiful little girl!!

(O Litter Pink)

Itzel     My name is Grecia and I don't know if you recall but I bought a puppy from your E litter
(a female formerly known as Emily).
Her name is Itzel (ee-sell) and she is currently 7 years old, healthy, and shaved. We shave her in the summer
months since we live in Florida and her fur tends to shed quite a lot when the temperatures are their highest.
She has been spayed and she is still as energeticas she was when she was just a pup. I want to say thank you
for the joy you have brought into my life; I was 13 when she was first sent to us and now, I am 20 years old
and constantly miss her because I moved to New York for college. She is my first and only dog I've ever
had and I can't imagine my life without her. She is my baby and I love her so much.
I am glad to see that you have continued to have much success and I wish you all the best.
 Thank you for bringing her into my life. I'll send a picture soon!


 (E Litter Hot Pink)


ODkPurpleDear Kimberly,

  Hope you and Dale are doing well. Sydney, Emma Rose, Abigail and I just wanted to let you know that
Olympia is quite possibly the most wonderful dog we have ever known. She's getting so big and she's so
very smart.
We love her with all of our hearts. She's finished with all of her puppy shots so far, and we'll be getting her
fixed when she's 6 months old.  She loves trying to herd the girls and also our cats. She also thinks she's a
lap dog.
Rarely does she leave my side, and she's wonderful on our walks each night.
Everyone loves petting her and thinks she's so soft. She doesn't really like it when I brush her,
but puts up with it just so she can have her treat when it's all over with.

  Thank you again for the greatest puppy in the world!!


                      (O Litter Dk Purple)


Green.Girl.9wk.2Kimberly Roberson has been fabulous to work with. When I started dialogs with breeders about
adopting a Belgian she stood out from the rest. Kimberly is so patient and helpful. She's offered
constructive information along the way and has done a great job providing tools for asuccessful
adoption. As for our pup, she's beautiful and smart. She's put together well, healthy and well adjusted.
There is a reason the Roberson kennel is successful; from the start, through shipping and beyond
Kimberly has been there for our family.
She did her best to get our pup to us without any problems and provides useful information
when we have questions.
I feel blessed to have this new relationship with our fuzzy kid and Kimberly.
I would ABSOLUTELY PURCHASE another fuzzy kid from Kimberly!!!
Mrs. Taylor
Livingston, MT

                      (P Litter Green)


Navy.1year.1Hi Kimberly,
   I am writing you to thank you for letting us have Navy.  As you know he is just over a year old, and it has
been a great year.  He has brought a lot of joy into our lives.  Everyday he does something that makes us laugh. 
He is very affectionate, he love to give us kisses and at times he thinks that he is a lap dog and tries to sit on our
laps. When ever we are out people always comment on what a handsome dog he is.  I have to agree.
Navy and our other dog Teddy, have become good friends.  They playin the morning, right after they have breakfast,
and when that happens, you better get out of their way.  They run from one end of the house to the other, chasing
each other and playing tug of war.
He just had is one year old checkup and passed with flying colors. I would never hesitate to recommend you to anyone
who is looking to get a Belgian Tervuren.
From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank you.

     Rita Vickroy
     Ithaca, NY


(N Litter Orange)



Hello Kimberly!

Lyra's adjusted wonderfully to her new home! She's so incredibly clever for a puppy of her age... she's impressed
the vet, my mother and aunt (both of whom were obedience trainers), and especially me. My aunt brought her dog
to visit with her, and they made fast friends. She even insisted on sleeping with Misty at night while they were here,
and Misty has shown her all sorts of things about being a "good girl". She went swimming for the first time on Friday,
too, and had a great time, and we've discovered that she LOVES to go on playground slides! She went with me to my
first mud run on Saturday as well and wanted so desperately to play in the mud. I let her splash in it a bit
(and she got a bit on her nose investigating why I was covered in it), but I couldn't bring myself to let her roll in
it... wet red clay in her fluffy puppy fur, I can't even imagine!
We also went up to my sister's property, where we discovered that she likes to jump. That bodes very well for my
hopes in agility,
 I'm happy to say.

We'll be going to the vet for another set of shots tomorrow afternoon, and we'll keep you updated on that for sure!
Thank you so, SO much for helping us find each other, Kimberly. She's an amazing little lady, and I can't fathom that
there could be a better puppy than her in all the world. You are a GREAT breeder, and produce exemplary animals.
If I should ever be in the market for another Terv, I'm not sure I could accept one from anyone else.

Love from SC!
Amie, Nutmeg, and Lyra

              (O Litter Lt Blue Girl)


I would highly recommend this breeder for a high quality Belgian.  When I lost my first Belgian to cancer we found
Roberson Kennel and felt right at home. I love my Belgian, she is beautiful, full of love, energy and protects the
ones she loves. 
I was so impressed with the breeding standards that Kimberly and Dale go through, the care, the wanting to place
their fuzzy kids in the right homes. I visit their website all the time. When I found out about her breeding of two of
their dogs I wanted one from the parents.
The confirmation, attitude and gait on our new addition is truely show quality. I could not be happier with the two
fuzzy kids I now have as a part of my family. 
If you even have a doubt in your mind about getting a dog from The Roberson Belgian Kennels, place them aside
you could not find any better breeder on the west coast.
Michael S. Ruiz
Bona J. Broding-Ruiz

   (O Litter - Green collar)



2012 TOP DOG  Held at Orange Empire Kennel Club

Kissmit represented NABOC( Norco All Breed Obedience Club)-in Novice obedience competition.
Kissmit scored a 192.5 out of 200 for her second time ever in an obedience ring.

Over-all NABOC placed second and Kissmit was the High Scoring NABOC dog in our club.
She gets her name on a perpetual trophy that is passed out after every Top Dog Competition.

She is well on her way to becoming a well-rounded Champion. She has already exceeded my expectations.
I always hoped that she would be half the dog her parents are-I would have been happy
–but now-well she is well beyond what I expected. She is exceptionally intelligent and eager
to learn and please.
She is easy to train. I know we have had a wonderful 3 yrs together-my hopes are that we have
many, many more. And hopefully, God willing, she will produce herself in a litter that we have planned in 2014.

Thank you my dearest Kimberly. Thank you for producing this exceptional animal. Thank you for matching us together.
Thank you for being my friend.

Love Jerri and Kissmit

(K Litter Lt Pink)


Loving the dog

In 2004 my husband and I got our first Belgian Tervuren .  I had done extensive research on the breed and thought it 
might fit our family. We got our dog Dustie in Dallas and she was wonderful.  We drove 18 hours not a peep or whimper 
from her, it was love from there on.  
Dustie was our pride and joy.  We had to say goodbye to our Dustie in 2012, letting her go to play in heaven.

My husband, our Germen Sheppard, and I were lonely and lost without Dustie.  So we set out on a quest for 
another dog. We thought about another breed but could never agree on which one.  I went on line and searched for
other dogs, but came back to the Belgian. I wrote different breeders but nothing clicked.  I contacted Kimberly and 
instantly felt a kinship. When we began to discuss her dogs, 
my husband and I wanted to see her dogs.   Low and behold we purchased our new Belgian from her; I fell in love
with the litter’s daddy (great dog).

So now we have our new lil girl, who is the star of the show.  She works with me in my office, making new friends 
every day. Everyone loves her and spoils her.  I could write a novel about her already.   She is a Silver Lining to our
empty space at home. Should we ever get another Belgian, Kimberly and Dale are the first on my list to call.  

Thanks Kimberly and Dale for your hospitality and new found friendship and our precious girl.

Mike and Bona

      (N Litter (Yellow Collar Girl)


Hi Kimberly.
Hard to believe that in another week or so Ares (Manchester Ares) and Magyk will be 6 months old.
My oh my have they grown quickly!
They have been a great addition to our family and it's fun to see their different personalities developing.
Magyk is the curious one about everything and a little rough and tumble where-as Ares is much more
easy going and lovee-dovee. They have an occasional spat but for the most part get along fine with
each other and enjoy playing together. We have had a great experience from the time we first contacted
you, picked up the puppies and followed up with questions. You've been very helpful and encouraging as
we t have brought these guys into our life. And boy do they get the comments about
what beautiful dogs they are. Thanks again for providing puppies from terrific lineage to everyday,
"family dog" families like us! The White family.

(M Litter)


I just wanted to say thanks for Logan and for being there when we had questions.
Logan is a great addition to our family and he gets along great with our other dogs and cats too.
He follows my wife around during the day and takes great care of her so I do not have to worry about her when
 I am not home.
He and Baloo our chocolate new fie are best friends.  I do not know what one would do without the other.  
Getting my friend from you was a great move.
Thanks again
Barry and Celeste

(L Litter)


  All I can say-Thank You so much for our Kissmit. You have watched her grow up-she is such a delight.
  She loves her brother's-JR, a jack russell and Eddie, a 2.8 # yorkshire terrier. She has a remarkable
  personality and has become the "character" in our family. She adores children and other animals.
  Her best friend is a 100# Germ Shep. and a pack of coyotes! As I said she is a character and we love
  her so very much. Thank you dearest Kimberly for giving me the chance to own and experience a wonderful
  breed of dog.

 Jerry Lewis

 (K Litter Lt Pink)


 Hi Kimberly,
 So excited to see Haden(Odin), Annabel's brother. He is so Handsome and has Annabel's coloring.
 I did a few weeks of agility with all 3 Tervs and Annabel was actually into it..I wish I could do more
 with her but place and me being gone with them all summer make's it hard.
 Thanks for sharing Odin's agility picture!

 Lisa Snyder

 (H Litter)


9wkRedGirl.1Dear Kimberly,
Hello from Kathryn and Kodiak from Ohio.  I have to tell you that this is the smartest dog I have ever owned.
She has picked up on many commands already.  I took her to the vet and they remarked that she had the best
disposition and social skills for a puppy that they have seen in a long time.  As you know, my other dog, Morgan
has terminal cancer.  Well Kodiak has brought out the best in her and this may even allow Morgan to live longer.
 Thank You for Kodiak.  I will let you know the progress of Kodiak as she starts to win awards and championships

(M litter - Marsha)

Marsha Friend - Morgan


Hi Kimberly,

Lestat has officially begun his Service Dog training program for Seizure Alert and Response. He is so 
incredibly intelligent that even the professional trainer was amazed. He learned 5 official book commands
in 4 days. On top of that, he is almost completely potty trained; meaning that he doesn't go inside the 
house at all...not even on newspaper. He whines and lets me know when he needs to go outside, and I take
his right outside the front door to go. He also is great with taking baths, he loves the water! Interestingly
enough, he also seems to enjoy riding on the bus. Now that he has his "Service Dog In Training" vest, the 
trainer said he has to go everywhere I go; even if I go outside to take the trash out- I have to take him 
with me. This helps program him to always be by my side.
I don't know what life would be like without him Kimberly...and I've only been with him for a few weeks. 
He trusts me with his life, and would protect him with mine if necessary, that how much I love him already. 
Thank you so much Kimberly, you are an amazing woman and a wonderful and talented breeder with insight
for matching puppies to destined owners. Attached are some photos.

God bless and Merry Christmas,

Jason, Kenneth, and Lestat (once known as Purple Boy)

                     (L Litter  - Lance)


Dear Kim,
As I browse your web site weekly, I am always at awe and so grateful for the way you love, raise, 
train and treat your babies. As you know, Lukkas and Leia are not from Your litters and yet when I 
contacted you, years ago, you brought me into your world of Belgians. Leia was just a pup and Lukkas 
was on his way. You helped me trace their geneaology and we found that Your kids and mine were actually 
distant cousins. Your knowledge and insight helped me form a better understanding of the special needs of
a Belgian. If it wasn't for you as a breeder, there would not be many Belgians around. These are pheonominal 
dogs, they are family members, they love and protect, they serve and entertain. These wonderful animals, 
rescue and save lives, and they go unnoticed. I am so thankful for you and all your Belgians, I am grateful for
being included in your Belgian family. And, when the time comes for me to add to my Belgian family, it is you 
and only you, I will seek for another family member. Your fuzzy kids are so well adjusted, they are loved and 
And Lukkas, Leia and myself Thank You.............Trevuren's Rock your world and mine.................Donna


10wkHanabel2 Little Annabel loves her new big sister Shane....Annabel is so wonderful.
.she loves to please and sits and waits for instructions from her mommy
and she is calm and delightful...

I love my new Roberson Belgian...
Lisa Snyder

(H Litter - Hanabel)


12wkHandHHi Kimberly,
 Yes, the binders arrived in the mail the other day.....what a nice keepsake. 
You are certainly a very organized gal!   Thank-you.
The puppies are doing wonderfully.  My daughter Tekla (30 yrs old) has fallen head over heals
 in love with Heather.   And myself, I think Heath has stolen my heart! 
We put little harnesses on H and H and took them to the Marco Island Xmas parade last week.....well,
what a hit they were!   Kids flocked over to see the puppies, then the same kids returned with their
parents to see the puppies.....and lots of questions.  It was a fun event. 
H and H are growing very quickly, and keep each other entertained when we're not with them.
Still cute as the dickens, with all their fuzzy hair!
They've been in the swimming pool several times, and Tekla has given them a bath. 
They're both going to be great dogs!

(H Litter - Heath & Heather)


Emily1year5mo1Itzel is the most beautiful dog in the entire world. She is my first dog and the love of my life.
I am so grateful that you gave me my dream dog. A belgian shepherd is all i wanted and all
I would accept. She is hyper 20/7. She rarely sleeps because she loves to explore the house at night.
She is full of love and very protective. If someone knocks on the door she flies to the door and starts
barking like CRAZY. I love her so very much and now she is about a year and 5 months old.
She is very healthy and loves to basically chew her toys till destruction. No toy has been able to last
 more than 2 weeks but I may have found the perfect toy. Its basically rope braided into a ball.
She loves it and she enjoys her life here in sunny FLORIDA. She smiles constantly. She has been a
wonderful addition to my family. She loves my ENTIRE family. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Nephews,
Nieces, etc. She loves my parents and I the most and we love her twice as much.
Thank you so much for giving the dog of my dreams.

(E Litter - Hot Pink)


It is great having two Roberson Belgians in Idaho...
Annabel(H litter) and Rayce( I litter) get together often and have a wonderful time....
No nappy time when they are together and they keep me on my toes.....
They get so excited when together...We cant wait until Rayce is older so he can go
out on the dog trail and go for a walk and meet lots of other dogs....

Life is good ......Lisa Snyder

(H Litter - Hanabel and I Litter - Idaho Hearts Rayce)


Hello Kimberly!

I just wanted to thank you so much for this sweet little girl!
As mentioned on the phone that night, my American Cocker has cancer (stage 5) and
she has made a huge difference with him!
She has brought out so much energy within him, it is just amazing. He plays with
his toys like a puppy, etc. And they both love each other so well.
But, back to Hauntess (I decided to name her Hauntess, my cocker’s name is Haunting)
That night at the airport, she bonded with me right away. She had her blankets and toy with her.
She seemed a bit uncertain as I coaxed her out of her cage, but once she was out, she just stayed
close to my chest with her little paws wrapped around my neck.
From that moment on, I knew that she was for me.
I brought her home and she was so well behaved, heh very smart. She helps putting
Haunting’s harness on him. She never leaves my side. She is always watchful.
She loves going to Blockbuster with me. Also, the care and detail that you put in her album is
just mind blowing. So organized and thoughtful. And, I cannot forget, how very helpful you were
when I first called, asking if you had any Belgians left.
From that moment until payment was made (so so so patient!) You were very understanding and
answered all questions. And you were right! She was meant for both Haunting and I. Without a doubt.
That lil girl was waiting for us! So, I’d like to say thank you once again!
I’m now a convert…Belgians for life! This little girl is the world to me. She has made such a big
difference in my life. I could never thank you enough.
Sincerely; Michael Murray & Haunting & Hauntess!
Ps- Oh- I also wanted to thank you for answering questions and asking how they were both doing
after she arrived. You are a top notch person. Thanks.

                                           (I Litter - Ikiki)


Annabel Won Dog of the Month in Sun Valley!

Here is Annabel on TV


(H Litter - Hanabel)


Odin (Haden) is doing superbly and is an intelligent and gorgeous sweetheart. 
He and I are starting obedience school this week and I am wondering who is going
to train whom.  His coat is different than I had expected in that it has a slightly
golden cast but has the black guard hairs that are coming in on his chest and ruff as
well as on his back and giving him a beautiful golden/silver color.
 We love him to pieces and, unfortunately, Odin doesn't  realize that he is really not a
lap dog.  Of course we can't bear to tell him that so he jumps up and sits on us whenever
 he deems it necessary.  He does like his own sleeping space so he does sleep on an
antique setee at the foot of our bed.  He still realizes that he can jump up and give us
wake-up kisses when he feels we/he need them. 
We can't wait to move so that we can buy our next Tervuren from you!!!
You were right, Mike LOVES his son and takes him everywhere!
Thank you so much. 

(H Litter - Haden)

Through all my years in Federal law enforcement and being a business owner I've met all kinds of people. 
The words trust, integrity and reputation are all we have in the business world to judge people's actions. 
Your responses to my questions and puppies I've purchased have just won you Kimberly; "Best In Show" in
my opinion.  My first puppy from you was Iliana from the "I" litter of Kylie and Aramis. 
I couldn't have been more informed or pleased with this beautiful carbon copy of her mother Kylie. 
Then yesterday I picked up Janos and Jager, two magnificent brothers from the "J" litter that reflect the
 absolute best from their Father Gael, Mother Amanda, Grandmother Grimie and Grandfather Aramis. 
The breeders in the Belgian world have many characteristics that they are looking for in the perfect dog.
 Your dogs represent the best of all of those characteristics from tempermant to coat.  I just hope that
someday my stock of breeding dogs and expertise with the breed will be as good as yours. 
As you've told me before, "Belgians are like potato chips".  All I can say is, "please pass the bag
 for another handful"!

Larry Rook
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

(I Litter Iliana and J Litter Janos & Jager)


Dear Kimberly,

 I just want to thank you, more than we can ever express, for the wonderful gift that is our Jupiter. 
He arrived safe and sound, robust, healthy, and more beautiful than your pictures showed us.
 I was so very pleased that he was so well socialized.  We can touch his paws, and he doesn't
blink an eye...we can poke and prod him, and he is patient, tho he looks at us like we are a little nuts!
 He is wonderful with the kids (all 5 of them!) and I am VERY pleased that he is not "mouthy" like
 most puppies I've had.  The few times he did start to mouth us, or the kids, we just offered
 him a toy, and he was pleased as punch with it...what a smart boy!!!  He picks his food as you
said he would, but does have a good appetite...the kids introduced him to doggie biscuits...and oh
does he LOVE those!  He is happy Kimberly, I can honestly say he has been happy from the first day. 
I know you must worry, but rest assured, he is as well loved as you loved him. 
Thank you and Amanda for him.


 All our best...Lee and our clan...and of course...Jupiter

(J Litter - Jupiter)


We want to thank you for doing such a great job with the puppies.
Juliette (Lisa as our sons want to call her) is a active little girl.
When she goes out, she has so much to discover, she hops like a rabbit.
We let her free on a leash and she stays close by.  Several years ago our first
 dog was belgian shephard terveran and was our best friend.
We hope that we will rediscover the same friendship with Juliette.
Juliette wins the hearts of everyone with her soft looks.
She keeps a respectful distance around horses.
She is not shy and socializes with other dogs. We look forward to take her out on

In all it is a pleasure to have her and we are thankful to you.

(J Litter - Juliette)


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