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stork                 Happy New Year!!
                 January 2016

                 I think It's going to be a busy year for puppies for me! Bouquet and Kylie is both in heat and I am busy breeding them to really nice boys!

  Ashley is here!! We was at the LAX airport very last Sat. Night! But she is here now!!! Thank You Cheryl for this Black Beauty!!!


     Happy Birthday S Litter

         You are 1 year old!


 Dec. 2015   Merry Christmas!!

                                                                                       Nov.  2015

                      It's Aramis 14 Birthday! He just love White Cake!! Here he is eating a piece of his Birthday Cake! Happy Birthday Aramis!!!

I have started making Wind Chimes! These Wind Chimes are made out of REAL GEM STONES!!! I made them small, Not more them 13' long,
this way they fit in your home any where you would like to put them! They are just Beautiful! Check out my website

I will be at The HillSide Holiday Craft Fair at Hillside Farms in Norco starting next week!! I will be Their Nov 27th, 28th, 29th!

     HillSide Farms
3475 Hillside Ave Norco, CA

Come see me just to say Hi!

                                                    Happy Birthday to these Fuzzy Kids

 "F" You are 9 Years Old            "G" You are 9 Years Old            "I" You are 8 Years Old              "Q" You are 2 Years Old

  Oct. 2015

 We just had our Puppy Party 2015. It's always so nice to see all the
 Fuzzy Kids and their Family! Lot of fun for the Fuzzy Kids!!

The T Litter (Takara) is now in her new home! I will miss her, I know she is in a wondful home!
Tamara flew out here and got her, What a great person! I now to have a new friend!!

Aramis...4 I went to the International Dog show With Aramis and Z'Air!
 Aramis is now, International Champion, National Champion,
 Honors Champion, Bronze, Silver, And Now Gold Champion!
 Also Super Veteran, Bronze, Silver and Gold Champion!!

Int,NatCH Hor-GCH SV-GCH Char-Ma Aramis Shad Roberson CGC

ZAir2 Z'Air is now a Adult International Champion!

Int, NatJrCH IntCH Z'Air Wind Talker Roberson CGC

             Aramis 14 Years and Z'Air 1 Year  (My Beautiful Boys)

                                                                                                                           Rainier is also a Adult International Champion! Int, Nat, BACH IntCH Rainier Aramis's Star of Fire Roberson

Kismet is now, International Champion, National Champion, Honors Champion, Bronze,  Now Silver Champion!
 AKC GRCH Int, NatCh Hor-SCH Kissmit Lynn Roberson CGC CD


Happy Birthday (Amanda)                                          Happy Birthday                                     Happy Birthday
You are 13 years young!                                               8 Years Old                                          5 Years Old


butterfly2                           Sept. 2015

                         A lot of Birthday's this month! It's hard to see them get old!!!


Happy Birthday Bouquet
8 years old

                                                                     grimie2 Happy Birthday Grimie (14 years old)
    Happy Birthday K Litter                         Happy Birthday M Litter
         6 years old                                             4 years old


   stork                    Aug. 2015

                        Bouquet & Aramis had puppies! Bouquet had one Beautiful Girl!!

Byron.5                Kylie2011

        Happy Birthday Byron                               Happy Birthday Kylie
             11 years old                                               9 year old



Happy Birthday B Litter                                 Happy Birthday E Litter
        11 Years old                                                  9 years old

                                                                                                                   July 2015
                                                                    Happy Birthday Hona, You are 1 year old!

Happy Birthday C Litter                 Happy Birthday D Litter
        10 years old                               10 years old


                                                                                                                     June 2015
                              Bouquet just came into heat, I am going to breed her to Aramis!

Happy Birthday J Litter
        7 years old


                 May 2015



  Happy Birthday P Litter                    Happy Birthday R Litter                                                    Happy Birthday Baila
            2 years                                        1 year                                                                             2 years

                                                                                                                                                                  All she wanted was a New Purse!!!! She is such a Sweet Girl!!!

 All Ray wanted for his Birthday was a New Red Bike!
                    Happy Birthday (1 Year old)

R Litter (Dk Blue)


                      April 2015flower_smiles_lg_clr


                                                         Happy Birthday  N Litter
                                           You are 3 years old!!


butterfly2              March 2015

              All the S Litter  puppies are in their New Homes Now!
              For all of you that has Kylie Puppies, Kylie is now a International Champion!!!!!
            Aramis is how a International and National and Honors Bronze Champion And a Super Veteran Gold!

                                         Happy Birthday O Litter
                                 You are 2 Years old


                Happy Birthday Z'Air
                You are 1 year old
        You are a Hansom young man!!!


bear            February 2015



Bird_hatches                       January 2015

                       Bouquet had her puppies Jan. 6!  Bouquet had 8 puppies 4 boys and 4 girls! Aramis is the Father!! 13 years old still going strong!!!
                   He is going back to the shows in March! He is already,  International Champion, and National Champion, and Honors Champion, Senior,
                   Silver and Bronze, Now he is going for the Gold!!!


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