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                Aug. 2019
  Hona Had her puppies. 4 Boys and 1 Girl. Mom & Babies are doing great!  

     Calista had her puppies. 5 girls and 2 boys! All doing great!

Happy Birthday B Litter            Happy Birthday E Litter       Happy Birthday T Litter          Happy Birthday AA Litter
    15 years old                                13 years old                       4 years old                          2 years old

bird                          July 2019

                                   Happy Birthday Hona!  5 years old.

Happy Birthday C Litter                     Happy Birthday D Litter
      14 years old                                       14 years old


 beardog             June 2019

         Just got my new puppy from Denmark! Glimbi's Z'Dream of Treonna V. Kaos.
             I have waited many years for the right Groenendale! She was the one!!!
             Thank you Kit & Erik of Glimbi's Kennel for letting her come live with us.
                                              We love her very much.


  Happy Birthday J Litter       Happy Birthday DD Litter
       11 Years old                         1 Years old 


angel                                   May 2019

                                   We lost Kylie today.  Aug. 31, 2006 to May 17, 2019. I will miss her like crazy!!!! Love you Kylie, Go play with
                             The pack in Heaven!!!!



BunnyDuck               April 2019    (Happy Easter)


Happy Birthday N Litter
        7 Years old


                          March 2019

                  All the puppies are in their new homes!!

                          Ashley is now a International Champion!!!                   

 Z'Air is now 5 years old


Happy Birthday O Litter                   Happy Birthday U Litter                    Happy Birthday Z Litter
       6 Years old                                     3 Years old                                       2 years old


                           February 2019



 Happy Birthday Y litter                   Happy Birthday CC litter
         2 years old                                  1 Year old


Happy New Year. 2019!

       Jan. 2019
       I have lots of Puppies! Hona has her 5 and Kissmit has 7. All the Fuzzy Kids and Mom are doing great!

Happy Birthday Mikah   (2Years Old)        

Happy Birthday S Litter
         4 years old


 Christmaslights     Dec. 2018

      Hona just had her 5 puppies! Kissmit had her 7 puppies too.
     Both mothers and Puppies are doing great!! 
     I am going to have a house of Fuzzy Kids for Christmas!!!

      Merry Christmas!! woof woof!!!


                Ulais is 1 year old                                                   Ashley is 3 years old



              Nov. 2018
                                                    All the puppies are in their new homes now. It's very quiet in the house for now!



Happy Birthday F Litter            Happy Birthday G Litter          Happy Birthday I Litter             Happy Birthday Q Litter            Happy Birthday X Litter
       12 years old                            12 years old                         11 years old                               5 years                                    2 years



                        Oct. 2018

                                           Just went to the International Dog Show with Mikah. He did so good. He is now a International & National Champion.
                                           Also at the show was Jerri with Kissmit! She is now The most Beautiful Dog Champion on top of  International & National Silver Bronze & Gold.
                                           Kissmit is also a AKC Grand Champion.
                                           Part of the C litter was at the show too! Hawk, Camy, & Calista. We didn't show the girls but Mary the owner of Hawk, She showed him! He is
                                           now a International & National & Honorary JR Champion!!! He took 1st Best of puppy on Sat. And 2nd Best of puppy on Sunday.
                                           Not bad for their first show!!!!


Happy Birthday A Litter                                  Happy Birthday N Litter                            Happy Birthday L Litter
         16 Years                                                      11 Years                                                   8 Years


         Sept. 2018

               Jin'X & Z'Air  just had puppies! (5) 4 Reds & 1Gray. They all are doing great!!!

   Happy Birthday K Litter                          Happy Birthday M Litter                           Happy Birthday W Litter
         9 Years                                                      7 Years                                                2 Years


                          Aug. 2018

The D litter (Ashley & Z'Air) are in their new homes now. One went to Denmark!!! I can't wait to hear how she is doing the shows!

We Had to say Goodby to Byron Yesterday. He was a great Fuzzy Kid and will be missed very much.
                                                                                                                                                                                   Byron Aug. 2004 to Aug. 2018

 Happy Birthday B Litter            Happy Birthday E Litter                Happy Birthday T Litter           Happy Birthday Kylie
        14 Years                                  12 Years                                       3 Years                                 12 Years


          July 2018
                                                     Happy Birthday Hona 4 years old
Happy Birthday C Litter                          Happy Birthday D Litter
         13 years                                                 13 years

                     June 2018

                    Ashley had puppies! 7 Girls and 1 Boy!!

Happy Birthday J litter
    10 Years Old


                                                   May 2018



 Happy Birthday P Litter                        Happy Birthday R Litter                            Happy Birthday V Litter
      5 years old
                                            4 Years Old                                             2 years Old


angel                             April 2018

                             Kissmit puppies are in their New Homes Now.  I did keep Calista, she is just beautiful!!


     Happy Birthday N litter
            6 years old


                       March 2018

                        I can't believe it's March already! Kissmit puppies will be ready to go to their new homes soon!
                        I did keep one of the girls. This gives me some of my old lines back. This puppy is out of Kissmit,
                        she is out of Kylie & Aramis and the Father is Mikah who his pedigree touches on Aramis pedigree
                        a few times, So this pedigree is almost all Aramis! So Happy!!
                        Her name is Calista N The Looking Glass Roberson

                                                                                                                                                          Happy Birthday Z'Air - 4 Years old



Happy Birthday O Litter                      Happy Birthday U Litter               Happy Birthday Z Litter
      5 Year Old                                            2 Year Old                                 1 Year Old


                Feb. 2018

                 Kissmit just had her puppies! 2 Boys and 6 Girls!!!! Red Tervurens!!!


   Happy Birthday
       1 Year old


                          Jan. 2017

                          I can't believe I did this but I did!!! I fell in love so hard with one of Ashley Puppies I had
                     to keep her!!! Burning Embers N'The Wind Roberson. When she was 2wk old I just could not
                     let her stay in the baby bed with her litter, I had her out watching TV with me and when I was
                                            on the Computer I had her!! I was in love!! So Embers is here to stay!!!!


                                                                                                                Happy Birthday Mikah 1year old
    Happy Birthday S Litter
             2 years old


christmasgraphic14         Dec. 2017

          Well, I had to go in again for another heart surgery!! You know what they say, The 3 time is the Charm!!!
         I am up to 3 stints now!!! I hope I am done now!!!!!

                                                                              Ashley is now 2 years old!


stork          Nov. 2017

            We just had the Puppy Party 2017, What a great day!!! It's always so nice to see all the Fuzzy Kids and they
          Mon's & Dads!
          You can see the pictures of the day, Go to Puppy Party 2017, It will take you to a slide show. Enjoy!!!

                                                         Ashley just had puppies, she had 6 beautiful puppies!!! Reds & Grays!!!

Happy Birthday F Litter     Happy Birthday G Litter     Happy Birthday I Litter     Happy Birthday Q Litter    Happy Birthday X Litter
      11 Years old                      11 Years old                       10 Years old                  4 Years old                      1 Year old


                                       Oct 2017

Happy Birthday A Litter               Happy Birthday H Litter                   Happy Birthday L Litter
       15 Years  old                              10 Years old                                   7 Years old       

                      Sept. 2017

                 I had to get another stint put in, so now I have two. I wish they would have seen this other blockage
             the fist time they went in!!!
             Ist blockage was 99% and the other one was 96%!!!!!!     All I can say is God wanted me around a
             little longer.

                                                Bouquet & Z'Air puppies are leaving the end of this month! Time fly's


Amanda is now in Rainbow Bridge. She was a wonder and beautiful girl and I will miss her so much! She was born with us
and live her hole life with us. She had a great life, She never wanted for nothing. (Maybe more table fixing!) she love to eat!!!
I love you Amanda and we will miss you so much!
Int Ch Amanda Ann Roberson CGC
Born - Oct. 25, 2002         Passed - Sept. 16, 2017


      Happy Birthday K Litter               Happy Birthday M Litter                 Happy Birthday W Litter
              8 Years old                               6 Years  old                                    1 Year old

                                         Aug 2017

                                          Bouquet & Z'Air had puppies! She had 6 Grays, 3 boys and 3 girls! Very nice litter!

 Deja8wk  Deja is growing up fast! She is such a good girl!! She came in such a hard time for me to take
   care of her but She is such a big girl she just did all the things I ask her to do!!! great Puppy!!!


       Happy Birthday Byron 13 Years Old                                Happy Birthday Kylie 11 Years Old



Happy Birthday B Litter                      Happy Birthday E Litter                            Happy Birthday T Litter
      13 years old                                      11 years old                                            2 years old


                                                 July 2017

                 July was a tuff month! Started have a lot of chest pains, I went to the doctor and had many tests
            and it ending up I had a 99%blockage in my heart!! What a number!!! I had surgery and they had
                               to put a Stent in! I am not back on my feet yet but I hope soon!!!

  Happy Birthday C Litter               Happy Birthday D Litter                                                  Happy Birthday Hona
        12 years old                               12 Years Old                                                                 3 years Old


                      June 2017

 Deja5wk           Deja is coming soon! She is from of my very old lines starting with Grimie!! and Amanda and Byron
          sister and Aramis!!!!
          Thank you Natalie for letting me get her into my line again. This is why her name is Deja Vu!


 Happy Birthday J Litter
      9 years old


    May 2017

   This is my New Boy I just got from Denmark!  Thank you Kit for bring him to me!!
  I just love him!!! His name is Mojito, I am going to call him Mikah.


   The Y and the Z Litter are in their new homes now! I was very busy with all the puppies!!!
   I love it!!!!

 Happy Birthday Jin'X,  You are 1 Year old

      Happy Birthday Baila, You are 4 Years old!!!

        Happy Birthday                                   Happy Birthday                                  Happy Birthday
      P Litter 4 Years                                   R Litter 3 Years                                  V Litter 1 Years



                                          April 2017

                                         A Big Congratulations to Hillary! She Finish Both of her Fuzzy Kids!! International Champion on both
                              of them and Best in Breed ! Two Times! Boy this make me happy as the breeder of these Fuzzy Kids!!!
                              Her Boy - Int CH U Run Like Z'Wind Roberson ( Z'Air & Kylie) and
                              Her Girl - Int CH Phoebe Star Roberson CGC (Aramis & Bouquet)
                               Thank you Hillary

                             Happy Birthday
               N Litter 5 Years old!


stork                  March 2017

                  The Z litter is here, March 8,  Ashley had 5 Boys and 2 Girls!  All Silver/ Grays!! Beautiful Puppies!!
             All are doing Great!!

                  Sad News, Aramis & Kissmit litter didn't take. I was so hoping for the litter.

         Bouquet is now a International Champion!!!!     

 Happy Birthday
O Litter 4 Years old                          Happy Birthday                    Happy Birthday Z'Air
                                                     U Litter 1 Year old                         3 Years Old

                        February 2017

                                                          The Y litter,  Hona is due Monday! I think These puppies will be just Beautiful.  Ray (Aramis son) as the father.
                                               The Z litter, Ashley is also due! I should have Silver, Gray, Blacks & Reds Rainbow Litter!!!

                                                Hona had Puppies!  Feb. 27!    3 Red and 2 Grays!!! All Girls


                                                                 January 2017 

   The X Litter will be flying out Sat to their New Family's. I will miss them! Great puppies!!!!

                I am starting New Puppy Plans now, The Y Litter is Hona & Ray! (Ray is a Aramis Son) These should be some really
                beautiful Puppies!!!
Due Date is Feb.

                   I am also starting the A Litter! Kissmit & ARAMIS! I took out some frozen semen to do this litter. I will be keeping a
                                            son out of this litter. Due Date is March
                                            Thank you Jerri for doing this litter with me. Kissmit is owned by Jerri Lewis. Keeping my fingers crossed for this litter.
                                            The son I Keep will be named Aslan Aramis Roberson.  This puppy has been named for 2 years now.


                         Happy Birthday S Litter
                         2 Years old


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