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   stork                    Aug. 2015

                        Bouquet & Aramis had puppies! Bouquet had one Beautiful Girl!!

Byron.5                Kylie2011

        Happy Birthday Byron                               Happy Birthday Kylie
             11 years old                                               9 year old



Happy Birthday B Litter                                 Happy Birthday E Litter
        11 Years old                                                  9 years old

                                                                                                                   July 2015
                                                                    Happy Birthday Hona, You are 1 year old!

Happy Birthday C Litter                 Happy Birthday D Litter
        10 years old                               10 years old


                                                                                                                     June 2015
                              Bouquet just came into heat, I am going to breed her to Aramis!

Happy Birthday J Litter
        7 years old


                 May 2015



  Happy Birthday P Litter                    Happy Birthday R Litter                                                    Happy Birthday Baila
            2 years                                        1 year                                                                             2 years

                                                                                                                                                                  All she wanted was a New Purse!!!! She is such a Sweet Girl!!!


 All Ray wanted for his Birthday was a New Red Bike!
                    Happy Birthday (1 Year old)

R Litter (Dk Blue)


                      April 2015flower_smiles_lg_clr


                                                         Happy Birthday  N Litter
                                           You are 3 years old!!


butterfly2              March 2015

              All the S Litter  puppies are in their New Homes Now!
              For all of you that has Kylie Puppies, Kylie is now a International Champion!!!!!
            Aramis is how a International and National and Honors Bronze Champion And a Super Veteran Gold!

                                         Happy Birthday O Litter
                                 You are 2 Years old


                Happy Birthday Z'Air
                You are 1 year old
        You are a Hansom young man!!!


bear            February 2015



Bird_hatches                       January 2015

                       Bouquet had her puppies Jan. 6!  Bouquet had 8 puppies 4 boys and 4 girls! Aramis is the Father!! 13 years old still going strong!!!
                   He is going back to the shows in March! He is already,  International Champion, and National Champion, and Honors Champion, Senior,
                   Silver and Bronze, Now he is going for the Gold!!!





                      Nov. 2014
                    Another year has gone by! It's Thanksgiving time! I have a lot to be Thankful for this year!!!!
                                                         I have some New Fuzzy Kids to bring into the Roberson Family!  AND Lots of Fuzzy Kids Champions


                                                  Happy Birthday Aramis Nov 18, 2014 - You are 13 years old!!!
                                                  Setting with New Friend - Hona at 13wks olds


                                        Happy Birthday to all of these Roberson's Fuzzy Kids

F Litter is 8 years old                        G Litter is 8 years old                       I Litter is 7 years old                             Q Litter is 1 years old                            


                                                                         Oct. 2014

                       I am still on cloud 9 on last Weekend Dog Show!!! Happy Happy!

                                      Hona is here Now! She just flew in from Norway!  She is so Sweet and Beautiful!
                                      Thank you Edyta Engh of De Rancho Jerez Kennel in Norway for letting me have such a special girl!

               Happy Birthday Amanda          
                You are 12 years old,
           And now a International Champion 
                                                                                                                                                 Happy Birthday H Litter              Happy Birthday L Litter
                                                                                                                                                               7 years old                              4 years old

                                                                                                                                                                                                Sept. 2014
            What a GREAT WEEKEND!!
Aramis with some of his kids are now Internationale Champions!

Aramis was already a International Champion, He become National And Honoes
Champion along with Bronze & Silver Super Veteran Champion!
                         AT AGE 12 and a half YEARS old!!!!

Int, Nat, Hnr, Ch SVCh-S Char-Ma Aramis Shad Roberson CGC

Here is a list of his family titles for this weekend!
Int, Ch Byron Adams Roberson CGC
Int, Ch Amanda Ann Roberson CGC
GR Ch Ch Int, Nat, Hnr Ch Kissmit Lynn Roberson TDI CGC CD
Int, Ch Petrina Star Roberson
IntBA, NatBA,  Ch Rainier Star of Fire Roberson
IntBA, NatBA,  Ch Ranger Roberson

 Here is my other Fuzzy Kids I had at the same Show I also finished!
Int, Ch Windream Baila Me CGC                                        IntJR, Ch Z'Air Wind Talker Roberson  (6mo old)                                                                                                                                                                           


Happy Birthday Bouquet  (7 years old)

                                        Happy Birthday K Litter            Happy Birthday M Litter
                                              5 years old                                   3 years old


  butterfly2             Aug. 2014
          We had some problem with our S Litter from Kylie, We will try again at another date.  


                                 Happy Birthday Byron - 10 years old               Happy Birthday Kylie - 8 years old
                      You are now a International Champion!

  Happy Birthday B Litter                                  Happy Birthday E Litter
       10 Years old                                                     8 years old

                      I found a Place that make a Beautiful Glass Ornament with your Ashes from your Fuzzy Kids.
  I have this beautiful Glass Ornament out on a shelf,  I can always enjoy and remember how much I loved them and miss them.
          The People at Rainbow Ridge Heats, are so nice and kind, they will walk you through all of this to help you!
                                               Thank you Rainbow Ridge Hearts!
                                                                  Rainbow Bridge Hearts website                               


Fireworks1                July 2014

                                                    R Litter is with their New Fuzzy Kids Family, in their New Home's!

                                                              Getting started on the S Litter Aramis and Kylie!

                                                       I can't belive Aramis is still going as a Stud dog, but he is!!!!!

                                                                     Happy Birthday C Litter           Happy Birthday D Litter
                                          You are 9 years old                 you are 9 years old


       June 2014

 Z%27Air.6wk       Z'Air Wind Talker Roberson, Is Here! He come in Sat. From Romania!
        He is our New Gray Stud Dog! He is so sweet and Beautiful!
          Thank you Cristina for sending such a beautiful young man!

               The R Litter Bouquet & Aramis is growing like weeds! Doing great!



                         Happy Birthday
             J Litter, You are 6 years old this month!

     Baila Got Her CGC Title This Weekend!


                                May 2014
                               Bouquet had her puppies today, May 13, 2014  - We had 5 Boys and 3 Girls all Reds!- All Healthy and Happy!

      Happy Birthday Baila                                                    Happy Birthday
      You are 1 year old                                                        P Litter - 1 year


flower_smiles_lg_clr                   April 2014

                   Bouquet is definitely PG! Just waiting for the R Litter now!

                                        Happy Birthday
                             N Litter - 2 years old!


       March 2014
    The R Litter is in the making! I was going to breed Ethan & Bouquet! But Ethan was just to young to know
     just want to do!! (He is 2 years old going on 3 mo!!!!!!)

                      The R Litter will be out of Aramis and Bouquet! Puppies will be due around May 12.568

                                    Aramis Is Finish!!!!!!!!!! He will be 13 years old in Nov. 2014, Looks pretty good for a old Fuzzy Kid!!!
  He is now a International Champion!!!!!!! AND, He also won Super Veteran Champion! Nothing like going out with a bang!

                                                                                                            Look on the Show Page to see lots of pictures and information!

                     Happy Birthday
    O Litter You will be 1 year old!!!


butterfly2             FEB. 2014


                                  I have had to change all of my website on the Pictures and slide shows, They are much better and much bigger now!
                                  I think you will like them much better too!  I'm still working on some of them, I should have them all done soon!


Butterfly13       Jan. 2014

        All the Q Litter are in their New Home Now! Getting ready for Bouquet to come in to start the R Litter!


         Phoebe Star Roberson CGC
Congratulation just getting her CGC title!!!!
                                GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!

(P Litter)


           Merry Christmas from the Roberson Fuzzy & Non Fuzzy Family
           Dec. 2013
           Baila went to her first Dog Show! She took 1st place and Puppy Best of Breed! Very nice for a 6mo old puppy first show!

Congratulations, To the Roberson Kids!

PhoebeStar.1 Phoebe Star Roberson (P Litter - Aramis & Bouquet)

      Haden Vision Roberson
           (H Litter - Gael & Amanda)
            Is now a
CH Haden Vision Roberson, NA OAJ, NAJ


                                                                            Happy Birthday Ethan!
                                             You are 2 years old


             Nov. 2013
         Just got back from a nice dog show with Ethan, He took Ist Place Winners,
         Best of Winners (1 Points)

         He still act like such a puppy!!!


Kylie and Aramis had Puppies! The Q Litter!!! Kylie had 5 New Fuzzy Kids! 3 Boys and 2 Girls. All doing GREAT!!!

  Happy Birthday                     Happy Birthday                     Happy Birthday                 Happy Birthday Aramis
F Litter - 7 years old            G Litter - 7 Years old               I Litter - 6 Years old           You are 12 years YOUNG!!!

                                OCT. 2013                                        

                        We just had our 2013 Puppy Party, It was great! We had 15 Fuzzy Kids at the Puppy Party Running and Playing!!!
                        Look At the Puppy Party Page (Click on the year you want to see) for all the pictures of the day!


Fuzzy Kids Family
I have some bad news, We lost Gael last night, He ate a toy! He had surgery last night
to remove it, but he didn't make it.
I can't believe he's gone! He is leaving a big hole here with the Fuzzy Kids, He was a big
funny guy that never stopped playing, Now he is playing in heaven.
Gael you will be greatly missed!!!
We love you so much!
If you would like to write a Memorial on him, Email it to me, I will put it on the Memorial page.
Thank you for all the Support.


                                Happy Birthday                             Happy Birthday                              Happy Birthday
                             A Litter - 11 years old                    H Litter - 6 years old                         L Litter - 3 years


     Sept. 2013
 Baila is here now from Poland! What a Great Puppy!! Sweet! Beautiful! and Smart!! WOW, I am in love!!!
 Aramis my 12 year old stud Fuzzy Kid is in love too! He thinks I got her just for him!!

                                                                                                                       Happy Birthday                                Happy Birthday
                                                                                                                          K Litter - 3 years old                        M Litter - 2 Years old



             Happy Birthday                                       
         Bouquet - 6 years old                               



                                                                                            Aug. 2013

Baila5wk.left    I am getting a New Fuzzy Kid to bring into our family! Her name is Baila!  She is on the left of the picture!
   She will be flying in from Poland this week, I can't wait till she is here!!
                Thank you Gosia from Windream Kennels!

   I have a New Page! It's called Funny Pictures!!! Tooooo Cute!
   If you have a Funny Picture of your Fuzzy Kid, Send it and what you want
   it to say, and who it is! I will put it up for you!


                 Congratulations To Me!!!!!
     American Kennel Club’s Breeder of Merit!
                  Breeding Since 1976




   Happy Birthday                                       Happy Birthday
 B Litter  9 years old                                E Litter  7 years old


      Happy Birthday                                   Happy Birthday
  Byron 9 years old                                Kylie 7 years old  


                  July 2013

          P Litter is all in their new homes now! My Fuzzy Kids Family just keeps growing!
          Lots of New Testimonials!!!!

        Dale & I have been Married for 42 years! I can't believe how time flies!

                Congratulations Kissmit!
 Kissmit is invited to the “ AKC Eukanuba Invitational in Orlando Florida” in December 2013!!

    Happy Birthday                                Happy Birthday
C Litter - 8 years old                         D Litter - 8 Years old


                                                                                                               June 2013


Ethan has gone to a few shows now, He now has 3 points! GO Ethan GO!!
My friend Jerri told me about a show that had CGC going the of the week for Ethan,
I have not done any obedience on him! I have only done conformation with him!
Monday I got him on a leash, and showed him how to sit, and ask him to sit so he did!
              (It took all of 5min!!) Tuesday I took him out and ask him to sit, he showed me he knew how to sit!
              So I showed him how to lay down and ask him to lay down and he did! (another 5mim!!!)
              Wed. I got him out, I ask him to sit, he sit!, I ask him down, he lay down! so now I ask him to stay!
              (Another 5mim) Thursday, I got him out, ask him to sit, he sit, I ask him to down, he layed down!
              I ask him to stay he did!! Friday was the day off! Sat. I took him to the dog show and he got his
              CGC Title. I can't believe in less than 30min of training he learned how to do all of obedience training!
              What a smart smart boy!!!!

     At that same show I took Aramis, My 12 year old with us! We was watching Lureing!! Aramis was just so
     intrigued with all of it, We took him over to watch it closer and he just wanted to do it so bad!  We got
     him set up with the Lureing and he was off in a flash! he was laughing the whole way, he had so much fun!!
     The first time he did it he wasn't running too fast, But the next time he was hauling BUTT! all the people that
     knew Aramis's age just could'nt believe he could move like a 2year old!!

  Congratlations to Kissmit is now a Grand Champion!                            GCH CH Kissmit Lynn Roberson TDI,CGC,CD (K Litter -Kylie & Aramis)

Rayce Just got back from his show and took his Blue Ribbon home!
            Congratulations Rayce!

(I Litter)

 Happy Birthday Gael                                              Happy Birthday J Litter
       8 years old                                                             5 Years Old                                                                                  


                        May 2013
                 Bouquet & Aramis had 6 Girls and 1 Boy (P Litter) Bouquet and puppies are doing Great!
                 All but one of the O Litter is in their new homes!  (Pink Collar "Lexie" )
                 I Finally got Ginger out of our bed! Now I have Lexie hogging the bed!! "Kids" I wish Dale & I
                 Could have our own bed without Fuzzy Kids wanting to sleep with us!
                 New Testimonials from the O Litter and New Pictures!
                 All O Litter is Sold now!



   Ethan1         April 2013
            Ethan when to the Belgian Tervuren Club of Southern Calif. Show, He won in the boy class (2 Points)
         He is really growing up to be a great dog, Thank you Kit!
            O Litter is growing like weeds, Beautiful Aramis/Kylie Puppies!!
            I Just took Aramis down to the vet and got his seamen frozen, I'm so happy!!


                                                                    Happy Birthday N Litter, You are 1 Year old!


Bird_hatches             Feb./March 2013 
             Kylie had her puppies March 18 (7 Girls!) and I just bred Bouquet! These are all Aramis puppies!!!! Aramis will turn 12 in Nov.
          These are his last puppies! Aramis is still showing and winning at 12 years!  AKC has a age on how long males can breed.
          Aramis Just didn't read this book, he still is in great shape for showing and breeding!



       Happy Easter


 Kissmit  Jan. 2013
  What a way to start the New Year out right! CH Kissmit Lynn Roberson TDI CGC,  just got her
   to add to her name!

  Congratulations Kissmit!

(K Litter -  Kylie and Aramis)


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